VERSCHOBEN: Sulpher (Ex-Members Of The Prodigy & Marilyn Manson)


Eventdatum: 10.12.2018

ACHTUNG VERSCHOBEN: Die Tournee muss aus logistischen Gründen auf das Frühjahr 2019 verschoben werden. Ein neuer Termin folgt bald. Bereits erworbene Karten, können an den jeweiligen VVK-Stellen zurück gegeben werden.


SULPHER: After nearly a decade touring the planet as members of The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, Curve's live band, Sulpher have regrouped after nearly a 15 year hiatus. Started by multi-instrumentalist Rob Holliday and Monti in the early part of 2000, Sulpher presents a distinctly gritty and unique style of industrial alternative rock, paying homage to legends such as Nine Inch Nails, Filter and Rob Zombie, while mixing the experimental sounds of such groups as Medicine and The Chemical Brothers. After a long break concentrating on other musical activities, Sulpher will return to the stage in 2018 supporting the release of their long overdue 2nd album.