Eventdatum: 29.04.2017

// Sa. 29.04.17
// Reverie - West Coast Euro Tour 2017 mit DJ Lala

Reverie is a 90s baby, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. At a very early age Reverie received an impressive amount of recognition for her poetry and art. As a child she garnered many awards for her poems and also had her work published in a few poetry and art books. At age 14 Reverie discovered underground hip hop and her spoken word turned into raps. When she turned 17 she recorded her first songs and her music quickly started buzzing throughout Southern California. In 2009 Reverie released her first mixtape, "Castle in the Air," with her brother/ producer, Louden. The two have not stopped working together ever since.
Today, at age 26, Reverie has successfully released 4 mixtapes and 3 albums, tours throughout Europe every 6 months, regularly gives inspirational speeches to youth programs, middle schools, high schools, & college universities, and has performed at many of the most prestigious venues in Southern California. Reverie is a very well respected and admired rap artist and entrepreneur who organizes her own American tours, runs her own clothing line and is tactfully making continuous moves towards enhancing her very rapidly growing fan base.
This rapping graffiti artist is hungry and will stop at nothing to give "real hip hop," as she says, to the masses.